Unit A7 Grader Place, 23 Grader Road, Spartan Ext 3, Kempton Park, 1619, Gauteng.
Sales JHB Completes:- John 073 9303799, KZN Marc 084 4534499

2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

Corona Virus announcements.

Corona Virus announcements.

Ritlee are a Essential Goods supplier for the production of food related equipment.

Stage 4 will allow us to reopen on the 4th May,2020 with 5 staff members who will be there to assist in any way possible.

This staff complement will be increased as we go to Stage 3 or 2 etc

The other functions of Ritlee Staff will be performed from each ones home.

In case you do not get answers from Ritlee H/O

Phone Numbers to be used:

Normal landlines from 4th—     011 4523434

Spares emergencies—              Clive 071 470 8428

New equipment emergencies—                     Dan: 078 568 8540

New Equipment Gauteng and North—          John 073 930 3799.

New equipment & Sprs KZN—                       Marc 084 453 4499

Accounts Queeries—                                      Yvonne Ferreira 084 609 4366



Ritlee’s actions during this Lockdown period!

Announcement No1 Dated:    25 March, 2020


During this difficult period Ritlee can be contacted any time by phone as follows:

Spares emergencies:                         Clive 071 470 8428

New equipment emergencies:          Dan: 078 568 8540   John 073 930 3799.

Workshops support Ritlee Equipment!:

  • Please phone John 073 930 3799 or Marc 084 453 4499 to assist verbally with any technical questions.

  • We have all spares books, instruction manuals, workshops manuals on record and can easily copy you with a e-mail copy!

  • Or, if we cannot help over phone, we will have all prepared to assist as soon as we legally are allowed to again!

Our Landline numbers will divert to: Marc 084 453 4499  and John 073 930 3799.

Can Ritlee open?

  • We need to confirm if Ritlee will have to stay in Lockdown or if we can open for emergency farmer support for equipment or spares.

    • I say this because Farmers are exempted from 21 day lockdown and obviously need support for equipment during this period!

  • Will mention here as soon as i have confermation of what we can do to support our farmer friends and customers!


Please call if we can help in any way whatsoever!