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Alamo Long Reach Mowers / Slashers / Mulchers / Grinders

Alamo Long Reach Arm Mower

The Alamo VERSA Series is designed to be used with tractors in the 5,000-pound class. Mount kits are available for some tractor models with cabs and/or four-wheel drive.

VERSA Series units are available as side-mounted or boom-mounted vegetation management tools. The side-mount cutting head options include rotary and flail mowers. The boom-mounted cutting heads included rotaries, flails and brush cutters.

A hydraulic, two section gear-type pump delivers the power for the VERSA Series. The pump has an automatic pressure relief in both circuits. One section of the pump provides power to the movement controls. The hydraulic pump is rated at 51 GPM and 2400 RPM. The VERSA Series has its own hydraulic system and does not connect to the tractor’s hydraulic system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length / Reach of Mower: 6,40 / 7,31 / 8,23 / 9,15 Meter reach from belly of tractor (90hp 2 or 4 WD)
  • Heads Available:
    • H/D Rotary Head: 1,27 & 1,53 Meter Mulcher Slasher head capable for 12cm diameter wood
    • H/D Flail Axe: 1,27 Meter Mulcher Slasher head capable for 10cm diameter wood
    • H/D BuzzBar: 2, 3, 3, 4 Round saw 26cm blade head Will cut through trees and limbs up to 15cm diameter with ease.
    • H/D Grass Flail: 1,52 Meter wide cut with flails meant to cut grass and light brush like on highways etc.(Has Height Adjustment)
    • H/D Sickle Head: Cat Timber Cat Sickle Bar head 1,52 & 1,75 meter head capable to cut wood to 8cm in diameter.

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Alamo Bat Wing Tractor Drawn Rotary Mower

The Eagle 15 Flex Wing Rotary Mower with its higher rated horsepower gearboxes, thick deck design and improved blade tip speeds can cut grass, weeds and brush up to 3 ½ inches in diameter. Cover more area in less time with the trust of an established brand behind you.

  • Width of Cut: 4.73 Meters
  • Drive to Blade Available:
    • Drive to Power Drive: 235hp Rated Gearbox (Need Min 50hp Tractor)
    • Drive to Centre & Wings: 205hp Rated Gearbox (Need Min 50hp Tractor)
    • All Hydraulic Drive: On Board hydraulics PTO Driven
    • Spindle Blade Drive: Each with Hydraulic motor with bypasses etc.

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 Alamo Eagle 15 Tractor Drawn Rotary Mower Brochure