Another delivery of 225 wood chipper to Tea Tree distiller/extractor of natural oil from Tea Tree,

High performance 225 chipper chipping tea tree

In Pietermaritzburg area we delivered another of our 225 wood chippers  This one is to a massive and reputable farmer extracting essential oils from specific crops for himself and local cerrounding farms.

This is a electric powered unit with a 30kw motor.  Everybody present had a massive smile at startup of the 225 chipper commenting how smooth and quiet unit is with absolutely no vibration.

I will post again once i have performance figures from Ken and Hannes, unit is fitted with a hour meter . We are all confident that she will perform effectively, reliably and economically

The Essential oil business is really growing in South Africa with the main players being Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Rosemary etc.

These brewers use our Ritlee 225 chipper to chip the bush or tree into a size ideal for loading their “Kilns” for high tempreture extraction.

Ritlee have both their Gravity feed as well as their Hydraulic feed wood chipper in this application, and have a  mix of trailer or tractor mounted units in use here.

In Pietermaritzburg area

Wood Chipper ready to chip Tea Tree into brewing pots for extraction of essential oils.

Electric 30kw Trailer Mtd Ritlee 225 wood chipper for chipping into brewing pots

Ritlee 225 wood chipper with Hydraulic feed with rotating discharge and flapper at discharge spout

Ritlee 225 wood chipper in position to chip into one of the 4 brewing pots.

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In Oribi Area KZN

Ritlee 225 wood chipper gravity feed tractor mounted processing Tea tree

Ritlee 225 tractor Mounted gravity feed wood chipper chipping tea tree

Tea tree being taken out from kettle after brewing process

Tea tree being taken out from kettle after brewing process

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