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Specials & Savings on Ritlee Agricultural Equipment to kickstart all after Lockdown!

Deals Ritlee offer to try kick start our reopening after lockdown!

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Deals during Lockdown Sheet

Deals during Lockdown Sheet


We are the sole distributors of this Rhino Bandsaw, its service and its spare parts throughout Southern Africa.

  • Band saw sawmill engineered professionally in a all bolted construction using profile cut and pressed components. 
  • Designed with practicality, efficiency, reliability, durability, simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance in mind,
    • thus making it a unit which is ideal for operation in areas close to assistance or far away.
  • Portable and/or stationery sawmills
  • Built for profit orientated professionals for full time operation to hobbyists.
  • All come with loading ramps, leveling pads, wood grabs and log stoppers on each 2 meter length. 
  • Build up the length you want in 2 meter increments.
  • Comes standard with 6 meter working frame (3 bolted together 2 meter sections!)

Why Ritlee Rhino?:

  • Support columns 4x carrying cutter head (Band saw) (Not 2)
  • Double suspension chains 2x with cranked bearing mounted height of cut precision setting which is lockable.
  • Log deck is a all bolted construction and easily extended in 2 meter increments each 2 meter with own log clamps, log stops and levelling feet.
  • Safety and practical centrifugal clutch on drive from engine to head.
  • Accelerator is linked to lubricating/cooling liquid control which activates as revs pick up!