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Ritlee 225 Wood Chippers Hydraulic Feed & Optional Grinder Both trailer and tractor mounted.

Ritlee 225 Hydraulic Feed Wood Chippers

In 2016 we added their 225 Hydraulic Feed wood chipper to our range. These come in both tractor and trailer mounted, and both have the option of having a grinder as well. With the flipping of a simple lever it is a true chipper, or a true grinder.


225 Hydraulic Feed Tractor Mounted wood chipper. Hout Kerver.

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper and with optional chip grinder

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper 

225 Hydraulic feed Tractor Mounted wood chipper (Chips from brush to wood of 250mm diameter)

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper ready for delivery

225 Hydraulic feed Tractor Mtd ready for delivery to fruit farm (first bought 1x then another 2 three months later)

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper with optional chip grinder (Please note lever to divert 100% of chips for chipping only OR chipping and grinding)

225 Hyd feed tractor mounted wood chipper with grinder (10, 15 and 20mm screens available)

225 Hydraulic Feed Trailer mounted wood chipper. Hout Kerver

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper Trailer Mounted 

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper trailer mounted

225 Hydraulic feed Trailer mounted.

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper trailer mounted with optional chip grinder

225 Hydraulic feed Trailer mtd (See folding feed tray and 360 deg rotating discharge with flapper)

225 Standard hyd feed wood chipper trailer mounted with optional chip grinder 

(Please note lever to divert 100% of chips for chipping only OR chipping and grinding)

225 Hydraulic feed Trailer mounted with Grinder attachment fitted with 28kw Yanmar diesel water cooled.

To Other 225 wood chippers (hout kervers) we manufacture

Technical Illustrations:

Hydraulic motor with bypass coupler to handle high pressures, also note Crab Coupler (unique to 225 chipper)

Hydraulic tank with wave baffles, hyd filter and temp gage, level gage– On bottom left Hyd pump mounting in outboard bearing mounting!

Panel mounted hydraulic flow manual regulator to set feed roller speed from crawl (For real fine chips) to fast when supple material like Tea Tree is loaded for chipping.

Block Bearing mounted pivot for feed roller brackets. This is on both sides of feed roller pivot mounting!

225 Hyd with feed tray closed!

225 Hyd chipper with feed tray open–Note size of throat and position of feed roller

Blade and blade bolt access

Grille used on grinder option (10, 15 and 20mm holed grills available)

Position of feed roller within throat and note size of throat.

Note spring loaded lever controlling deflector for chipping only OR grinding only

General Information on all 225 Hydraulic Feed Wood Chippers:

  • Brush and wood to a diameter of 220mm – you loose some 20% as wood is dryer.
  • Throat Size at end of foldable feed tray is 280 x 280mm
  • Hydraulic Feed chipper – Once feed roller grab material it pulls material in while holding material down against feed tray base while chipping process!
  • Please remember: As with any wood chipper, thick & rigid side branches of material fed stop feeding if too wide or bulky to enter the chipper throat which is 280 x 280mm.
  • 225 can chip hard woods like Wattle, Gum, Bug Weed, Nut Trees, Citrus Trees, Avo Trees etc.
  • Hyd feed 225 also ideal for soft material like Tea Tree chipping
  • Average volumes are about +14 cu meter of chips per hour of hard wood and well on 20 cu meter per hour doing for example tea tree.
  • Fitted with a 12mm thick, precision balanced drum with 2x blades
  • Blade is sharp on 2x sides, weighs 2.8kg with dimensions 26.6cm (L) x 12.7cm(W) x 1.27cm (Thick)
  • 225 Hydraulic Feed Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper with Grinder

    • 4x B Section V-Belts so large tractors can be used (Min. 40kw – Wood diameter 220mm)
    • Feed on left of Tractor – Discharge on Right – Fitted on Skids
    • Replaceable screen 10 & 15mm with 34 blades
    • Deflector in discharge with lever for chipping only or chipping and grinding.
    • 6x hooks for bagging your grindings
  • Ritlee 225 Trailer Mounted Hydraulic Feed Wood Chipper

    Customization: Engines Fitted

    • 35hp Twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton – Air Cooled
    • 39hp Yanmar 3 cylinder water cooled diesel
    • 28kw Deutz/Kirloskar air cooled Diesel engine
    • Electric on request
    • Standard with feed roller speed regulator.
    • Chipper with Grinding Attachment Optional

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A lot of customers want to process compost using their chips generated from chipping their wood waste or prunings from their orchards and vineyards: To read about our Ritlee TM3 compost turners  or  Ritlee Trommel screens please press here

Pamphlet and reading download:

  Ritlee General Pamphlet Download

  Ritlee 225 All Chippers Pamphlet

   !Sieve Test through 15mm screen


Ritlee 225 Hydraulic feed trailer chipper fitted with 35hp Briggs chipping Tea Tree for distilling!

Picture Gallery of Main Features of Our 225 Chipper Hydraulic Feed

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