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Wood Chipper Tractor Mounted with Gravity Feed & optional Grinder

225 Ritlee wood chipper tractor mounted, PTO drive, gravity feed, Version one is standard and verson two has optional grinder attachment for production of cattle feed from bush. Version two is both chipper and grinder with lever.

Hi, Our 225 wood chippers themselves are our best salesmen– with over 600 225 units working in the field, we are sure to have a few working close to you.– Please give us a shout for a non obligation demo or a customer name close to you!

225 Tractor chipping bulking for composting

John ready to do delivery and training at Avo Farmer

Chips in hand

Typical chips produced with this chipper. Here we chipped clean Eucalyptus logs

Ritlee 225 mulching eucalyptus to feed the soil rather than burning

225 Standard Gravity Feed Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper. Self feed!

  • 4x B Section V-Belts so large tractors can be used (Min. 35kw)
  • Chips brush and wood to a diameter of 180mm
  • Belts, Bearings, Pullies etc are all over the counter sizes
  • Discharge rotateable 360 deg with flapper
  • Feed on left of Tractor – Discharge on Right – Fitted on Skids
  • OVER 600 units working in field (Mix Trailer and Tractor)
  • Average volumes are about +8 cu meter of chips per hour of hard wood and well on 20 cu meter per hour doing for example tea tree.Can chip soft wood like Banana, Strelitzia, Tea Tree, Palms, Coconut etc. with ease.
  • Blade is sharp on 2x sides, weighs 2.8kg with dimensions 26.6cm (L) x 12.7cm(W) x 1.27cm (Thick)225

Pamphlet Downloads

  Ritlee’s Range of equipment 

 Ritlee 225 Wood Chipper Pamphlet Download

Drive from PTO input up to Drum pully. (4xB Section Belts. Blocks on 8mm thick mounting rails)

400kg Chipper Drum with 2x Blade pockets and 12mm steel walls used on all our 225 chippers

Please Note: Each version needs to be done at manufacture & cannot be done afterwards.

RSS 225 Tractor Mtd + Grinder for production of cattle feed

Ritlee 225 Chipping & Grinding (See Laboratory test results–fresh, 1 week and older!)

225 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper  With Grinder

  • Fitted with 4x B Section V-Belts so large tractors can be used (Min. 35kw – Wood diameter 180mm)
  • Feed on left of Tractor – Discharge on Right – Fitted on Skids
  • Just after chipping drum there is a grinding chamber where all chips are ground down to a fine consistency (Ideal to complement cattle feed)
  • We have a 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm sized grill through which grinder works.
  • Unit has Trap door under deflector
    • Open, then normal chipper
    • Then Closed, then all chips are contained and ground down to feed type consistency

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  Bush to Beef General Info Pamphlet.

  Ritlee Range of equipment Download

  Ritlee 225 Chipper Tractor Mounted Demo Day Pamphlet Download

  Ritlee 225 Wood chipper pamphlet download

  Farmers Weekly writeup on our 225 chippers & feed story

 !Sieve Test through 15mm screen

Black wattle grindings through tractor mounted 225 through 15mm screen

New! To be launched Feb 2018. Triple production High grinder discharge. (With simple lever chipper only or grinder only!)

Ritlee 225 mounted 90 deg turn for chipping prunings and throwing chips under trees as a mulch.

Note: discharge with flapper for directed discharge of chips under trees.

225 With 90 deg Rotation for Row Prunings Chipping Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper

  • Fitted with 4x B Section V-Belts so large tractors can be used (Min. 35kw – Wood diameter 180mm)
  • Has 1:1 ratio 90 deg gearbox with counter weight for balance when on 3 point. (Note cement platform on right side of chipper mounting frame on skids.
  • Feed at rear of tractor and discharge left or right under trees – Fitted on skids
  • Discharge has deflector/flapper fitted to guide chippings under trees.
  • Will chip wood and prunings branched with their leaves up to 180mm diameter with ease!
  • These are manufactured when ordered (10 working days)

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  Ritlee General Pamphlet Download

  Ritlee 225 All Chippers Pamphlet

Checking Chipper blade on all our 225 wood chippers