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Ritlee 225 Trailer Mounted Gravity Feed Chippper / Grinder

General Information on all 225 Gravity / Self Feed Wood Chippers:

Please—Beware of blatant copy cats!
  • Ritlee now have well over 600 units working throughout RSA (Mix of Trailer and tractr mounted)
  • Can chip brush and wood to a diameter of 180mm when wet – you loose some 20% as wood is dryer.
  • It is a self fed chipper – Once blades grab material they pull material in while chipping.
  • Please remember: As with any wood chipper, thick & rigid side branches of material fed stop feeding if too thick or bulky to enter the chipper throat which is 25,4 x 20,0cm.)
  • 225 can chip soft wood like Banana, Strelitzia, Tea Tree, Palms, Coconut etc. with ease.
  • 225 can chip hard woods like Wattle, Gum, Bug Weed, Nut Trees, Citrus Trees, Avo Trees etc.
  • Average volumes are about +8 cu meter of chips per hour of hard wood and well on 20 cu meter per hour doing for example tea tree.
  • Fitted with a 12mm thick, precision balanced drum with 2x blades
  • Blade is sharp on 2x sides, weighs 2.8kg with dimensions 26.6cm (L) x 12.7cm(W) x 1.27cm (Thick)

Ritlee 225 Trailer Mounted Wood Chippers with Own Fitted Engine Gravity Feed.

All Trailer mounted units come complete with road worthy and registration papers + Hour meter on board.

Please Note: If Grinder attachment required, must be ordered at manufacture!

Ritlee 225 Gravity feed fitted with Yanmar Diesel

Both Tractor and Trailer Mounted units Over 600 working in RSA

Ritlee 225 Trailer Mounted Wood Chipper

Please see all general specs listed above.

Customization: Engines Fitted

  • 35hp Twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton – Air Cooled
  •  22 and 30 Kw Electric motor with Control panel
  • 28 to 38 Kw Yanmar 3 & 4 cylinder water cooled diesel

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 Ritlee General Pamphlet Download

 Ritlee 225 All Chippers Pamphlet

225 Chipper gravity feed with grinder


Chipper with Grinding Attachment (Optional)

  • Just after the chipping drum is a grinding chamber where all chips are ground down to a fine consistancy (Ideal to complement cattle feed)
  • We have a 9mm and 13mm sized grill through which grinder works.
  • Unit has Trap door under deflector
    • Trap door open, then normal chipper
    • Trap door closed, then all chips are contained and ground down to feed type consistency

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 Ritlee General Pamphlet Download

 Ritlee 225 All Chippers Pamphlet

 !Sieve Test through 15mm screen

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