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Video Gallery-Selected bush and trees feed Game and Cattle.

Above is a video with Alan explaining his black wattle efforts. (Alan is situated in the Eastern Cape) Most of the pictures used on this page were taken at his farm. He has been feeding his cattle black wattle since about January 2016.

Sorry about the quality of this Video– best for now!– His message is what is important!

Please tell your farmer friends and assosciates to visit this page— All helps!!

To: Help, we are running out of Black wattle!

Discharge Lever side of New 225 wood chipper Mk2 with grinder –Gravity Feed












Video of our Wood chipper with grinder Model 225 Mk2 Gravity feed and how the cattle are enjoying the Black Wattle as a feed

Video of Ritlee 225 Mk2 wood chipper with grinder Tractor mounted

Must see for Soil condition

Must See video from Plant health cure about your soils and action therein

Must see Video about your soils!

MUST See!!!– You Tube Video uploaded and published by Plant Health Cure BV in Netherlands.

About 8 minutes long but really worth it to watch!

Also— Selected Trees and shrubs like Soetdoring, Port Jackson, Poplar, Haak en Steek, Swart haak, Vaalbos, — etc can also be used as a feed suplement– see below for a more complete listing as well as Laboritory test results illustrating nutritional values etc.

 Download of Suplementing using selected bush and trees

 Download of Ritlee Chippers with Grinder for feed


Our Gravity feed wood chipper is fine for Wattle, Poplar, Soet Doring, Port Jackson etc.
Our Hydraulic feed would be used for bushy and ridgid material like Swarthaak etc or material which goes really tough and non flexing during the dry months.

Botswana Area Chipping and Grinding Black Thorn picture gallery

Sieve Test through 15mm screen.

  Sieve Test through Different sized screens