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6meter compost turner top specification build RSA manufactured from Ritlee. CT6

Our CM-CT6 compost turner is purpose built for turning compost from very sludgy to full of grass and straw mix compost and all in between.

With our CM6 you can pre set your ground and drum speed to effectively turn your composting material

CM Ct6 turner sold by Ritlee

CM Ct6 turner sold by Ritlee

When making compost, aeration and hydration of the compost pile is essential to keep the microbial activity on the go, preventing stagnation and ensuring constant activity throughout the pile.

Aerobic compost comprises decomposing organic matter which uses microorganisms that require oxygen, which is found in the moisture surrounding organic matter. This compost creates the perfect nitrogen environment for healthy soil through a process of mineralization.

Compost is a mixture of decomposed material made up of rotting twigs, leaves, and other natural waste. It is great for enriching the soil and Ritlee has the perfect machine to help you make it.

CM CT6 Self Propelled compost turner

CM CT6 Self Propelled compost turner

By forcing this process, compost is produced more rapidly, which is exactly what you need for commercialised composting operations.

The CM-CT6 drum-type compost turner is designed to turn large, triangular windrows. This self-propelled unit, with its 6m drum length, can turn windrows of 2,4m high by 5,7m wide.

Efficient drum design makes this compost turner highly productive. A 250kW diesel engine drives a hydrostatic pump, which in turn powers all of the machine functions. Depending on the material composition, production rates around 900m3 per hour can be achieved.
Height adjustment of the drum is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders on either side of the turner.

Joystick control is used to adjust the drum level.

Finite element analysis (FEA) was carried out to determine the suitability and structural integrity of all hard-working elements in the machine design. The robust design of the machine thus ensures durability.

The operator cabin is ergonomically designed, with climate control and excellent visibility. An adjustable seat with joystick controls makes operating this machine intuitive.

The safety control system includes diesel engine monitoring, hydraulics system state monitoring and emergency stop circuit. The management system monitors engine oil pressure and engine coolant temperature, as well as hydraulic oil temperature and hydraulic oil level.

This protection is hard-wired into the emergency stop circuit, which will automatically shut down the diesel engine in case of an emergency.

Moreover, the control system records and displays machine hours, diesel engine speed, battery voltage, engine oil pressure and engine coolant temperature. A physical e-stop button is located in the operator cab.

Access ladders provide easy access to the working deck and ensures the safety of those working on the deck.

Skid steering with joystick controls has been adopted in the design for ease of movement, especially in confined spaces. Failsafe braking is built into the wheel drives.

High- and low-range tramming speed control allows for rapid repositioning of the machine between windrows and low-range speed adjustment allows for high torque speed control when turning windrows.

A dynamic jockey wheel stabilisation system has been incorporated into the design to ensure that both jockey wheels are always firmly in contact with the ground, ensuring a sure footing at all times.

Using new cyclone reservoir technology, the total hydraulic system oil volume is only 170‚Ąď. This is a major eco-friendly development, considering typical hydrostatic machines of this size would have tanks of 1 100‚Ąď.

The underbelly of the CM-CT6 is also double corrosion-protected.

The underside cladding is made out of 3CR12 plates, which are finished with an epoxy paint, the same type of paint frequently used in battery boxes. Conveyor belting completes the cladding to the inner sides of the machine.

This compost turner is proudly made in South Africa, which means that users have ready access to parts and maintenance service.

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