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Backhus Compost Turners

Backhus Compost turners imported by Ritlee.

Compost turner Backhus Germany all sizes available

Compost turner Backhus Germany all sizes available

The name BACKHUS is internationally synonymous with turners.

Innovative design and continuous improvement have made all BACKHUS turners into efficient, cost effective solutions.

BACKHUS Windrow Turners offer turning capacities from 500 m³/h up to a phenomenal 6,800 M³/h.

Please note the Backhus color has changed to Blue!

  • Video of Backhus A30 working in Pretoria

Backhus A30

The BACKHUS A 30 is a robust, compact and maneuverable turner that is easy to operate. It requires little maintenance and provides superior performance.

The fully self-propelled A 30 is easy to transport and assures maximum flexibility. It is ideally suited for use in the gardening, landscaping, fruit growing and market gardening sectors as well as for the maintenance of municipal parks.

  • Heap Width: 3m
  • Heap Height: 1.3m
  • Turning Capacity: 700 cubic meters per hour
  • Engine: Yanmar 4TNV88 40 kw @ 2.400 or Yanmar 4TNV88 35,4 kw @ 3.000
  • Weight: 1,900 kg

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 Backhus Product Catalogue

 Backhus A30 Catalogue

Backhus A36

A proven concept with short payback. The BACKHUS A 36 is a great value and an ideal entry level machine into professional composting at a very reasonable price.

This turner is already one of the most efficient solutions within its class.

  • Heap Width: 3.6m
  • Heap Height: 1.8m
  • Turning Capacity: 1, 500 cubic meters per hour
  • Engine: Volvo TAD 5×0 105 kw @ 2.300

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 Backhus Product Catalogue

 Backhus A36 Catalogue

Backhus A50 – A65

Tomorrows Windrow Turner — already today. Prepared for all the challenges of the future, the BACKHUS A-series combines highest efficiency with a maximum of options. Or to put it simply:

  • high performance
  • low fuel consumption
  • customizable for any task
A 50 A 55 A 60 A 65
Heap Width 5m 5.5m 6m 6.5m
Heap Height 2.4m 2.5m 2.6m 3m
Turning Capacity (m³/h) 3,600 4,000 4,600 5,000
Engine Volvo TAD
8×3 VE
235 kw @ 2.200
Volvo TAD
13×1 VE
285 kw @
Volvo TAD
13×3 VE
345 kw @

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 Backhus Product Catalogue

 Backhus A50-A65 Catalogue




Backhus A70 – A75

Outstanding performance is a result of cutting edge technology. With its outstanding turning capacity of up to 6,800 m³/hr, extreme sturdiness and intelligent technology the BACKHUS A 70 – 75 -series meets all demands of modern turning.

No matter what working width you may choose, your BACKHUS will set new standards in power, efficiency and handling.

A 70 A 75
Heap Width 7m 7.5m
Heap Height 3.3m 3.3m
Turning Capacity (m³/h) 5,800 6,800
Engine Cummins QSX; 15.0 lt; 6 cylinders

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 Backhus Product Catalogue

Backhus Lane Turner

Forward thinking waste management for enclosed applications and indoor plants. The BACKHUS Lane Turner incorporates the proven plant technology of BACKHUS.

It offers high efficiency and turning performance and combines great economy, low maintenance and long life for composting, bioremediation and MSW treatment between lane walls or in tunnels.

  • Intelligent waste management for indoor plants ƒ
  • Tailor made integration into new or existing plants ƒ
  • Half or fully automatic operation of turner and material flow ƒ
  • Optional electronic or diesel engine ƒ
  • Highly efficient material flow and batch process
LT 27- 36 LT 45 – 50
Row Width 2,7 – 3,6 m 4,5 – 5,0 m
Material Height 1,2 – 2,0 m 2,0 – 2,7 m
Turning Capacity (m³/h) 400 – 800 2.000
Engine Electric Engine Cummins Turbo Diesel;
6 cylinders;
up to 8.9 lt. 
Electric Engine

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 Backhus 17 Series Brochure

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