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What Are The Benefits of Aerobic Composting

The benefits of aerobic composting are numerous. Aerobic composting is the process of decomposing organic materials using microorganisms that require oxygen

Our TM3 Compost turner releasing CO2 and high tempretures and replacing with fresh air and water

Compost Rebuilds Soil Structure

  • Higher yields – compost improves soil structure and fertility. It restores carbon and organic matter & improves erosion control. Compost also reduces disease and insect pressures. Overall, a crop’s yield potential increases.
  • Fertilizer substitution – compost contains crop-available nutrients.
  • Contains slow release of major crop nutrients including phosphate, potash, magnesium and sulfur.
  • A useful input of sulfur to improve cereal and grain quality characteristics.

Soil Compaction Decreases

  • Aeration improves, nutrient storage capacity increases and is freely accessible to plants,
  • Soil structure improves, which in turn promotes healthier plants.
  • Increases organic matter in the soil which studies show improves maximum yield potential

Moisture Holding Capacity Increases

  • (1% organic matter in soil increases water holding capacity by up to 170,000 litres per Ha or 80 to 90% of its composted weight.)
  • Better water management – compost can prevent heavy soils becoming water logged by increasing water infiltration.
  • It will also help light soils hold on to water, making it available for crop growth during dry periods.

Disease Suppressing

  • Microbes (Actinomycetes etc) abound in manure (Aerobic verses Anaerobic processes)
  • Many diseases are associated with Anaerobic conditions
  • Soil ph. becomes more neutral. Good compost has ph of +/- 7
  • Humus is a colloidal substance. This increases the soil’s attraction exchange capacity, hence its ability to store nutrients by binding.
  • Biochemical structure of humus enables it to moderate – or buffer – excessive acid or alkaline soil conditions.
  • Additionally, to add to quality of your compost, consider adding Vigo or Vigo Espresso

Fuel Saving & Traffic Tolerance

  • Compost improves soil structure, making it easier to work whilst using less fuel. Improving soil structure will make it more resistant to compaction from traffic and will extend the conditions in which it can be worked.

In Brief:

Enjoy the benefits of aerobic composting with our Ritlee Model TM3 – a tractor mounted compost turner which processes rows 3 meter wide x 1,5 meter high and of any length.

It expels all unwanted carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) in the soil replacing it with clean fresh oxygen laden air. This reduces the unwanted high temperatures making the row ideal for microbes and fungi to populate in the soils.

This turning also releases the co2 making it ideal for beneficial microbial colonization. Then it turns in and evenly distributes moisture in or applied to the compost row!

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