Bush Feed / BosKos / Bos tot kos / Bushfeed

This page has been compiled by Ritlee with help from many farmers, education, laboratories and much research. We encourage you to do your own research as well.

We at Ritlee have been researching and testing various options to create bush feed / boskos for cattle and other livestock from bush / brush in southern Africa since the drought of 2010. Research shows southern African farmers face an ever increasing risk of drought brought on by climate change. This directly affects livestock  and game farming viability. As a result we felt it necessary to share this information and research with our farmers.

Below is a collection of information and research results on creating bush feed / boskos.

Farmers all over southern Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, etc have been of great assistance and help in compiling this data.

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Ritlee Chipper Grinder used for processing bush feed
By: Marc Custers

Climate change and how Ritlee is trying to assist!

Drought, floods, locusts… Ensuring availability of livestock feed is becoming more difficult for farmers due to Climate Change. We have the solution with our…

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Kameeldoring Pods
By: Marc Custers

Fine Grinding Nut shells, husk, pods, acacia etc for use in compost mix or cattle feed

A useful advantage of our chipper with grinding for the hard to do woods and shells! A further advantage of our wood chipper with…

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Black Wattle Grindings
By: Ritlee

Black Wattle as Bush Feed – A Must Read

Trials done by farmers in Eastern Cape on Black Wattle proved to be really beneficial, improving milk fats and protein levels.

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