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Eggersmann Z 55 Slow speed shredder

Eggersmann Z55 Single-Speed-Shredder for shredding Wood, Organic & Industrial Waste, Tyres, Tree roots etc

Eggersmann High Torque Shredder

Eggersmann High Torque Shredder

Eggersmann Z55 Slow speed grinder


Z 55 Shredder

The quietest in the business. (See downloadable db test below)

Grinds through optional screen with a choice of openings.

Required end product size can be modified with 5x different settings, then as well through the screen. There is a selection of tools (Inserts) which are Breaking Tools, Cutting Tools and Hard Wood Tools of which she takes 20 to 30 depending on requirements.

  • Power: Volvo Penta Diesel engine Type TAD 1375
  • Rated Power: 405 Kw (551 hp)
  • Rotor Length: 3,000 mm
  • Rotor Speed: 40 RPM
  • Rotor Drive: Hydraulic Planetary Gear
  • Rotor Diameter: 1,020
  • Rotor Torque: 260 kNm (2×130)
  • Control: Touch Panel or Remote.
  • Discharge Length: 7,455 Meter
  • Total Length operating: 15,600 meter, Length Transport: 9676 meter
  • Height: Transport 3,955 meter. Width: Transport 2,500 meter

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Shredder Z55 Pamphlet Download

Eggersmann Noise Level report

To View Eggersmann Video Links

  • Eggersmann Slow Speed performing at Transfer station & Landfill (Low noise, safe and product sizing easily done of finished product)


  • More applications– Action Videos



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