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Industrial Hand-fed Brush chippers 12 to 20 inch

Ritlee manufacture and supply a wide range of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery specifically suited to the Southern African climate and agricultural needs. All our products undergo rigorous testing and research to ensure they meet the requirements needed.
PTU range hand fed wood chippers all

The residues originated pruning city trees or in condominiums have always been a headache to the administrators. With Lippel’s branches shredders you can turn this environmental liability into a lucrative and sustainable, environmentally friendly material.

With these shredders is possible to transform organic waste such as branches, leaves and wood logs urban pruning in an excellent fertilizer for your garden, bringing convenience and economy. This technique is ideal for composting maintenance, growth and vitality of plants and flowers.

The Lippel’s branches shredders are used by companies and entrepreneurs various fields, such as farmers, managers of forest nurseries, companies that make cleaning urban and rural areas, highway concessionaires, companies that rent machines prefectures of small, medium and large cities, landscaping companies, arboriculturist and condominiums administrators.

Some uses for the chips and shredded material that leaves the shredder are ground cover on farms, forest nurseries and city flower beds and the production of organic compost widely used by composting companies, the making of organic fertilizers, humus and landscaping.

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Product Description

Industrial quality and durability range of Hand fed brush wood chippers From 12 to 15 inch (300 to 500mm)

Index to pamphlet of brush hand fed chippers download

Index to pamphlet of brush hand fed chippers download

Our hand fed brush chippers are perfect for municipal and residential tree maintenance, utility line clearing, contractors, rentals.

Their operational safety system complies with national standards offering the operator total safety and ease in handling the operation of the equipment, through activation bars and control buttons around the feed chute, warning signal light, safety buttons emergency and reset, strategically positioned the feed chute, aiming at better ergonomics for the operator.

Our Range explained briefly!

PTU 260D Brush Chipper –  26 inch with 60hp

Brush Chipper PDU 260 D

Brush Chipper PDU 260 D

PDU 260 D

PDU 260 D

Specs of PTU 260D Brush Chipper –  26 inch with 60hp

Motor: 40-60 CV
Rotation speed: 1500 RPM RPM
Number of Knives: 02 und.
Cutting System: Disc
Cutting Capacity: Ø230 (9”) mm
Production: 12 – 15 m³/h

The PDU 260 D Urban Disc Chipper powered by Diesel engine is a shredder designed to eliminate the difficulties in handling tree residues. It has a wide chute and feeding mouth, capable of crushing bulky materials, thanks to its “no-stress” self-feeding system that guarantees smooth and constant operation, even with the most resistant materials.

Each industrial-brush-wood-chipper is equipped with:

  • sharp double-sided knives.
  • large traction roller
  • Industrial quality clutch system
  • feed chute,
  • four-position safety bar,
  • Exceptional brake system.
  • Has an independent hydraulic system, which guarantees their autonomy as a mobile unit.

Watch how this model handles Palm leaves and fonts

PTU 300 Brush Chipper – 12 inch 80Hp

PTU 300 Hand fed wood chipper in action

PTU 300 Hand fed wood chipper in action

PTU 300 Hand fed wood chipper

PTU 300 Brush Chipper – 12 inch 80Hp

Specs of PTU 300 Brush Chipper – 12 inch 80Hp

is the ultimate in innovation, productivity, operator safety and energy efficiency.
Model: PTU 300
Actuation: Diesel Engine 60HP – 85HP
Number of Knives: 2 – 4 und.
Rotating Drum: 2000 RPM
Ability to Antlers: 300 mm
It offers more chopping efficiency through its large feeding mouth, making your toughest jobs easier. Its fuel tank reduces refueling time and increases operating time.
Providers of green biomass cleaning services, rural and urban condominium owners, arborists, farmers, municipalities, farmers, foresters, and other related branches, find in the PTU 300 the solution for shredding their organic material.
This industrial-brush-wood-chippers variable feed roller advance speed allows the user to slow down when processing harder or larger materials.

PTU 350 Brush Chipper – 13,7 inch 90Hp

PTU 350 13 inch drum style wood chipper

PTU 350 13 inch drum style wood chipper

PTU 350 13 inch drum style wood chipper picture 2

PTU 350 13 inch drum style wood chipper picture 2

Specs of PTU 350 Brush Chipper – 13,7 inch 90Hp

Drive: Diesel engine from 85 HP to 140 HP Turbo
Fuel Tank: 100 Liters
Cutting System: Rotor/Drum 05 Exhaust Blades
Number of Knives: 02 / 04 / 06 und. – Double-sided cutting and sharpening
Number of Counter knives: 01 – Four 04 Reversible Cutting Faces
Rotation Cutting System: 2000 RPM
Capacity for Branches, Leaves, Fibers and Trunks: 300 mm
Rectangular Power Box: 350x440mm
Operational Safety System in Compliance with Norm NR 12
Traction System – 01 Horizontal Upper Tractor Roller – ø400mm
Traction System – 01 Lower Horizontal Traction Roller – ø300mm
Chute Feeding Table Folding Tray Heavy Load
Traction Winch: Cap. 900kg – Cordon Cable 45 meters
Traction Winch Drive – Electric Motor – Control
Discharge Duct Rotation 270º – 2,650 mm
Chassis with Suspension Axle – Torsion Axle – 02 Wheels/Rings/Tires 16”
Dimensions: 5,200 x 2,020 x 2,600 mm
Set Weight: 2,780 KG

Built to be light and agile, combining great power, its diesel generator engine system aligned with the LIPPEL segmented rotor drum cutting set, offers the equipment comfort in the shredding of any type of green material, being they pruning and various leaves, palm fibers, dry and green branches, bushes, trunks and wood trim.

PTU 400 and PTU 500 Bush Chippers – (15 to 20 inch) 160hp

PTU 400 / 500 Hand fed wood chipper picture

Hand fed wood chipper picture

PTU 400 / 500 Hand fed wood chipper picture 2

PTU 400 / 500 Hand fed wood chipper picture 3

Specs of PTU 400 and PTU 500 Bush Chippers – (15 to 20 inch) 160hp

Drive: 164 HP Diesel Engine – 04 Cylinders
Number of Knives: 4 pcs. Double strand and sharp
Number of Counter knives: 1 with four reversible faces
Rectangular power box: 450x520mm
Drum Rotation: 1,600 RPM
Capacity for Branches and Trunks up to: 400 mm
Operational Safety System in compliance with regulatory standard NR12
Optional: Electric Traction Winch Cap. 1T of Load – 45 Meters Cord
The Scorpion PTU 400/500 is the largest urban chipper with a 4-knife drum cutting system for manual feeding.
It was designed with cutting-edge engineering to meet the need for processing urban and forestry waste, facilitating the management of city trees.
It has a huge rectangular feed mouth with ample dimensions of 450mm vertical x 520mm horizontal. Possessing two horizontal traction rollers, offering increased productivity.
Equipment developed to process whole trees, trunks, green mass, branches, bushes, palm fibers and any work that requires the highest levels of production and performance.
Intelligent automatic feeding system of the engine speeds to the cutting assembly. Electronic system ‘‘No Stress’’.
Chassis system:
  • Double axle, providing greater stability in road transport, while maintaining the compact design, allowing locomotion on public roads, being duly certified and complying with traffic legislation
  • Discharge ducts with a height of 2,900 mm and 270º rotation. Adjustable discharge deflector driven by hydraulic command.
  • Modern ABS air-brake system and military style trailer hitch system.