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Manure press

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Manure dewatering-- full unit illustrated

Manure and dung dewatering plant, also called liquid screw press using 7,5Kw electric and through  500mm wedge wire in opening.

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Product Description

Manure press for extraction of liquids for the collection of the high fibre finished organic product this often used for cattle bedding!.

Dairy cattle farmers are looking at the extraction of liquids from the manure gathered in the assembly areas.

A manure press is a machine that is used to separate the liquid and solid components of manure. The solid component can be used as fertilizer or bedding for livestock, while the liquid component can be used as fertilizer or processed further to remove excess nutrients

Also, the manure both solid and liquid component both pre or after use, can beautifully be used for the making of compost for spreading on your pastures, for sales, for use to enrich your soils etc.

Please watch this video!

Screw Press showing different discharges

Screw Press showing different discharges

Specifications of Liquid screw press

  • 7.5kW geared motor 400v
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel wedgewire with 0.5mm opening
  • 2.6 tons/hour processing estimate
  • With 1 cube feed hopper
  • With a custom stand
  • With 76mm water outlet