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Pelletizing Machines for Cattle & Game Feed

Ritlee manufacture and supply a wide range of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery specifically suited to the Southern African climate and agricultural needs. All our products undergo rigorous testing and research to ensure they meet the requirements needed.
Various pelletisers and 2x models of local pelletiser

Pellet Manufacturing Press Machine (Pelletizing Machine) for manufacturing pellet feed for cattle, goats, game etc.

Available in 7 models: (Pelletizing Feed)

  • Model 125 50/100 Kg/Hour
  • Model 150 100/150 Kg/Hour
  • Model 160 150/200 Kg/Hour
  • Model 210 200/300 Kg/Hour
  • Model 230 300/400 Kg/Hour
  • Model 260 400/500 Kg/Hour
  • Model 300 800/1000 Kg/Hour

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Product Description

 Pelletizing Machines for Animal Feed

Our range of Pelletizing Machines are ideal for creating livestock / animal feed by converting finely ground mash feed / bush feed into dense, nutritious pellets.

Different Models:

  • 125 Model 50/100 Kg/Hour
  • 150 Model 100/150 Kg/Hour
  • 160 Model 150/200 Kg/Hour
  • 210 Model 200/300 Kg/Hour
  • 260 Model 400/500 Kg/Hour
Various sized dyes to pelletise through

Various sized dyes for pelletising through

Various feeds made into Pellets using a Pelletizer

Pelletised various feeds creating pellets

Black wattle grindings made into pellets by Ritlee
Black wattle grindings pelletized by Ritlee

This Machine easily Pelletizes Bush Feed or Normal Feed – Pelletizer for Cattle Feed

  • Changing the pre-outlet screen easily regulates the size of the pellets.
  • Pelletising feed is ideal for storage, therefore reducing waste and managing feed cleanly and effectively.

The feeding of cattle, game, sheep etc. using indigenous selected bush and trees has become a norm for many farmers in South Africa and our surrounding countries.

Our Bush Feed Page contains info which Ritlee has gathered on the production of feed. Ritlee has been involved in this since 2015 and tried to assist farmers wherever possible by sharing successful stories and experiences. Farmers are also invited to contribute to this by sharing information with Ritlee that they feel will be beneficial to other farmers.

  • One successful tree used for feed is Black Wattle. — There are literally hundreds more in our nature!!!
    • Branches with leaves 2 years old and younger are harvested and then left to lie for a max of 2 days..
    • Our 225 wood chippers with grinder then chips & grinds these branches.
    • See the laboratory analysis in our bush page for further info.
    • There is also an analysis of Pelletised black wattle.
    • Cattle milk fats improve, cattle slaughter classification also improves etc
  • We can now also assist with pelletizing for storage and use year round!

New to our range:

Local pelletiser and a real professional build!

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2x Pelletizer Models | Pellet Machines for Sale

2x Pelletizer Models | Pellet Machines for Sale

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Promo of Ritlee's Pellet Machine for Sale

Promo of Ritlee’s Pellet Machine for Sale

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News & Information

Various sized dyes to pelletise through
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Promo of Ritlee pelletising machine

Promo of Ritlee Pelletizer Machines

Summary All we do 2022 –For Hand out and attachment

Analysis of Black Wattle which has been Pelletized

All Pelletizer Units Available 100 to 1000 Kg/Hour with Guideline Price

Specs of all Pelletizing Machines Available