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Ritlee manufacture and supply a wide range of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery specifically suited to the Southern African climate and agricultural needs. All our products undergo rigorous testing and research to ensure they meet the requirements needed.
Ritlee "Wood Pecker" Wood Shaver for bedding

Wood Shaver made by Ritlee

  • Built for the production of bedding for chickens, horses, pigs etc.
  • Production is a average of 8 cu meter per hour.
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Product Description

The Ritlee “Wood Pecker” Wood Shaver

Can shave logs with a diameter from 5cm to 40cm and a length of 90cm to 120cm. At full production, fully loaded, the Shaver will produce up to 8cu meters of shavings per hour.

A sturdy floating frame houses both shaving blocks allowing for adjustable shaving thickness. Wood off-cuts can also be used.

Ritlee “Wood Pecker” Technical Specifications

Ritlee "Wood Pecker" Wood Shaver

creating bedding for chickens, horses, pigs etc

Wood shaver drum drive

Wood shaver drum drive

Shaving block bearings

Shaving block bearings

Shaving Block-- takes 4 blades

Shaving Block– takes 4 blades

Shaver on Trailer for Transport for delivery from our factory to customer

Shaver on Trailer for Transport for delivery from our factory to customer


  • Built for: Shavings for chicken, pig & equestrian industry
  • Operation: Cut logs are dragged across 2x shaving blocks working in opposite directions – can be adjusted for shaving thickness
  • Main Chassis: 1035mm (W) x 3600mm (L) x 1570mm (H0 and powder coated
  • Steel Type & Weight: Chassis: 7.6mm x 38.0mm x 5mm channel steel. Total weight: 750kg
  • Log Containing Bin: Hopper size: 470mm x 1220mm x 550mm
  • Made from: 6mm pressed steel, running on 4x double bearing steel pulleys on tracks
  • Shaving Blocks: 2x High speed – precision balanced 450mm (W) x 110mm diameter x 80mm carrier shaft with 4x shaving blades on each.
    • 4 blades used for finer chicken shavings,
    • 2 blades used for equestrian shavings
  • Shaving Thickness Setting: A sturdy floating frame houses the blocks.  This is adjustable and fixable.
  • Shaving Discharge: 1,200mm conveyer with side and back skirting for a clean operation
  • Drive: Block: Each shaving block has an 11kw Electric motor (Total 2)
  • Drive: Bin & Belt: 1x 11kw Electric motor which is also geared for correct speed to drive both
  • Cable Feed: Customer need 4 core (4mm per core) cabling ready for join up
  • Electricity Use: Each motor starts individually and uses 25 Amps at start up, then runs at average 12 Amps while doing work.
  • General: Please note unit delivered without transport wheels
  • Production: A fully loaded bin will produce 6 to 8cu meter shavings per hour
  • Electric Wiring:  All wiring is done at Ritlee’s factory. Additional 2x emergency stops fitted.
    Client needs to provide 16mm 4 core shielded 3 phase wiring to where unit will operate as this should be coupled to control box containing starters.
  • Types of Log: Shaves Wattle, Pine, Eucalyptus pre-cut between 900mm to 1200mm lengths, have a diameter of no less than 50mm and be no thicker than 400mm

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