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All Woodchipper with grinder for bush feed

Ritlee is a long-standing and trusted supplier of a complete range of specialised and quality-driven agricultural equipment that meets the needs and challenges of various applications within and relating to the farming sector. Manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure value and dependability, these solutions enhance all areas of agriculture wherever they are deployed.

Our offers on our woodchipper with grinder for bush feed

We offer a selection of woodchippers with grinder for bush feed specifically designed for applications in agriculture.

Bush feed is made from selected bush and trees by harvesting, chipping, and grinding, then mixing different recipes created by farmers using their local bush in the mix. For the best feed properties, we recommend you use both branches and leaves that are two years old or younger. These have the highest levels of protein, iron, etc. For bulking, use older growth, but do not expect any feeding properties.

When harvesting for chipping and grinding, please carefully select the branches and leaves you will use and cut them for easy handling and loading into the woodchippers with a grinder for bush feed.