Namibian Farmer commenting on Ritlee support

A testimonial Ritlee would like to share with their BushFeed present and future customers This from Namibia


Namibia Client land in middle od bad drought

Namibia Client land in middle of bad drought

Namibia 1

Land soon after first rains eventually arrived

Namibia Farmer inspecting 225 Hydraulic feed wood chipper

Namibia Farmer inspecting 225 Hydraulic feed wood chipper

Wood chipper with grinder hydraulic feed used by Namibian farmer

Wood chipper with grinder hydraulic feed used by Namibian farmer

Namibia Cattle in kraal

Namibia Cattle in kraal

Namibia Cattle eating haak en steek

Namibia Cattle eating haak en steek

Dear John, Dan and Marc

I dont really know how to start and try and explain to you guys what I REALLY want to say.

I think to fully understand what we as farmers have been through, and some are still experienceing, in 2019, you would have had to be here for about 10 months, straight, with no day off, what so ever.

To see how grazing dissapears daily, and not finding any new growth in the rainy season, and knowing that another 10 months is ahead before there will hopefully be rain for growth, is as nerf wrecking as it probbably can get for a farmer.

For me personally, this has been my first real bad drought, and if it wasnt for my father, that have been through this before, we would have been in a much worse situation than we currenly are.

We still lost a lot of money, but were able to pull through all our livestock and save most of the game on the farm. Had hickups here and there, but at least did not lose hundreds of livestock like some farmers did.

Also the guys that helped, and at this moment are still helping, to feed 500 cattle every day, and later another 100 or so, if it was not for them sacrificing hours, weekends and holidays this would not have been possible to achieve.

But with all that said, non of this would have been possible without the help of all you guys at Ritlee.

Without the equipment to produce food for starving animals, you already lost.

I can truly say, that the machine we got from you, was worth it in every way.

Yes, it was not optimised for bush and conditions in Namibia, but with feedback you recieved from us using it, and you actually listening to that feedback, and actually doing something with the feedback, I think deffenitly improved the standard of the Ritlee 225.

Yes improvements can still be made and yes unfortunatly I have one of the earlier “test” models that dont have all the new changes :), but will I be able and willing to use it again or continuesly? YES, I defenitly can and will use it.

All I actually want to say is THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for all the help and understanding.

From the day we phoned to enquire about the product, recieving it, maintaining it, fixing it, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks to switch it off, for a while at least, the service, listening, understanding and help from you was beyong expectations.

You guys always stayed friendly and understanding. Always helped and responded where nesasarry, maybe the waiting part during production was a little frustrating :), but also understandable.

So from us here in a wet and green Namibia, THANK YOU again.


Paul Jnr + Snr.