Wood Chipper Junior 50 and 100 mm capacity.

Small wood chippers Junior 50 and Junior 100 for domestic and farmer applications

50 and 100mm capacity trolly mounted wood chippers

Ritlee have added small wood chippers to our range.

  • We have decided on 2 models which are of a strong and reliable construction.

  • Both are trolley mount, drum style with chip pocket and easy to operate.

  • Size wise– 50mm and 100mm capacity.

  • Specifications are listed below under each model.

  • To start with, Ritlee will order low stock levels but more regularly as we receive orders.

    • In other words delivery will be ex stock at best and 5 to 7 weeks at worst.

    • It will be a requirement that 60% deposit be received with your official order!

RSS 100

RSS 50

100mm wood chipper
100/120mm wood chipper
Blade fitted in chipper drum
50 to 60 mm chipper
50 to 60 mm chipper
50/60mm chipper fitted with diesel
50 and 100 pricing

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