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Another delivery of a Ritlee wood chipper with hydraulic feed to a large Tree Felling company in Johannesburg

Brands Tree felling contractor company service the Gauteng area, is one of the best known companies in this game just took delivery of our Ritlee 225 wood chipper with hydraulic feed and fitted with a 35hp Briggs engine.

Unit is totally roadworthy in all respects

Is fitted with 2 bladed drum of 400kg and is reporedly the most smoothly running machine on the market.


Trailer Mtd 225 Hyd feed on customers truck!

Trailer Mtd 225 Hyd feed on customers truck!

Video of unit being run on day of delivery!

Reasons why Brands bought our Ritlee Hydraulic feed wood chipper

  • Brands do a lot of both domestic and industrial work and this unit handles both with ease
  • Compact design for ease of transport and getting into confined areas
  • Handles wood to a diameter of 250mm which covers 95% of what they need machine for!
  • Has very efficient Hydraulic fluid storage and cooling tank.– previous machine had oil overheating problems