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Ritlee is a long-standing and trusted supplier of a complete range of specialised and quality-driven equipment that meets the needs and challenges of various applications within and relating to the agricultural sector. Manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure value and dependability, these solutions enhance all applications wherever they are deployed.

Our offers on briquette manufacturing equipment

We offer a selection of briquette manufacturing equipment that processes and grinds carbon and press it into pillow shapes. In addition, there are conveyers between each machine, and the bagger can fill one, three, or five bags. Finally, this briquette manufacturing equipment comes with a bag stitcher. As a result, you can produce 3.5 tons of briquettes per hour with single-line briquette manufacturing equipment.

Briquette manufacturing equipment simplifies the manufacturing of charcoal briquettes with minimal labour requirements. Subsequently, the charcoal briquettes produced burn efficiently in a wide range of applications. In addition, they have a slower burning rate without producing smoke emissions, soot, or other carbon deposits.

Since the briquette manufacturing equipment features a bag stitcher, it’s easy to prepare, store, and transport the briquettes.

Furthermore, these pillow-shaped briquettes can be used in various applications, including preparing fuel for boilers, heating residential or commercial establishments, and several other requirements.