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Index and picture to Bush Feed page on Ritlee Web
No 1 -- To our BushFeed reading page
No 2 -- To Pelletising machines
No 3 -- To wood chipper Trailer Gravity 190mm capacity
No 4 --To wood chipper Tractor Gravity 190mm capacity
No 5 --To wood chipper Hydraulic feed 250mm capacity
No 8-- To TRF Hammermills and chippers Various sizes available
No 7-- To Imported from China Small 50 & 100mm capacity
No 6 -- To wood chipper import Auto feed 190mm and 330mm capacity
No 9-- To Ritlee TM3 compost turner Tractor Mtd 3 meter
No 10-- Industrial & Municipal sized compost turners Germany!
No12-- Slow speed shredder for industrial and agricultural projects Tyres
No11-- Trommels Screens built to size

Wood Shaving, sawing, planking and grinding

No13-- Slow speed shredder for wood , shells, plastic, pallets with nails
Wood Shaver from China 3 models
No16-- Wood shaver (Busy with page!)
No15-- Ritlee Wood pecker wood shaver 8 cu meter per hour of shavings!
No14-- Slow speed high torque imported from China
Professional duty sawmill range imported by Ritlee
No17-- Sawmill Heavy and Lighter duty --Imported 660, 790 & 910 capacity

Mowers, riders, slashers, mulchers, saws

No18-- Lawnmowers Industrial quality 750 & 500mm Rotary cut
No 29-- Husky phenomenal range of chain saws, brush cutters, mowers etc
No19-- Wright mowers, Zero Turn, Stander and walk behind models
No20--Lawnmowers Domestic & Contractor rotary and cylinder
No 23-- Mulchers, slashers, brush clearing mowers, see new super mulcher video
No 24: -reach of to 2,200meter- 60 deg down 90 deg vertical
No 22-- 3 point -3136 meter with 800mm flail head or sickle bar head
No 27-- Mc Connel arm mower range
No 28-- Mc Connel Wing mower range

Baggers, stitchers, briquette equipment & Other

No 31-- 1, 3 & 5 unit bagger with own calibration feed, plus stitcher!
No 33-- SA Manufactured Briquette manufacturing equipment!
No 32-- Universal bagger and ststcher (Ideal for compost!)
No 35-- Charcoal dust tube shaped briquette manufacturing equipment
No 34-- Imported from China Briquette manufacturing equipment
No 30-- Beach Cleaner range manufactured in Italy!
No 26-- Seletion of spares for Zero Turn mower family!
No 24-- Selection of spares for various slasher mowers