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How are Pellets made?

Pellets are made from a recipe of compounded raw materials that are shaped and sized into a pellet.

Pelletising machine imported by Ritlee

Pelletising machine imported by Ritlee

Manufacturing Livestock feed begins with grinding the raw materials into a finer particles so that they are easy to mix together for the pellet. Once the raw materials are ground up, they are then mixed into a homogenous mixture. After that, they are then pelletized in a pelletizing machine, and thereafter, cooled for storage. In the cooling process, they can be cooled naturally, but for larger quantities, machine cooling may be necessary.

Getting the pellet recipe right is important as the pellets should retain their shape until the animal eats them, and be durable to stay intact during transportation and moving the pellets around.

The grind of the pellets is also important as they need to be compact enough to ensure that there are no voids in the pellets. This also links to the compression of the pellets as it moves through the machine, which compression must be optimal for forming the shape of the pellets.

Pelleting aids can also be used to add more nutrition to your pellets and assist with their formation. Common pelleting aids include binders such as clay, and certain lubricants etc. The pellets will come out with the same nutritional value as they had in their original form, but it is important that you use the best quality feed to manufacturer your pellets as the nutrient value will affect the animal, and in turn, your interests.

Promo of Ritlee pelletising machine

Promo of Ritlee pelletising machine

Ritlee Pelletizing and Distribution Machines

At Ritlee we have machines that we use in the pelletizing process. Each has a specific use and makes pelletizing and their distribution effortless.

The Pellet Manufacturing Press Machine is a machine which creates pellets for farm animals and game by using mash feed and bush feed to create dense pellets.

The Pellet Manufacturing Press Machine comes in 7 models, namely, Model 125 50/100 Kg/Hour, Model 150 100/150 Kg/Hour, Model 160 150/200 Kg/Hour, Model 210 200/300 Kg/Hour, Model 230 300/400 Kg/Hour, Model 260 400/500 Kg/Hour, Model 300 800/1000 Kg/Hour.

The Pellet Manufacturing Press Machine has a pre-outlet screen where the size of the pellets can be varied depending on the purpose for which you require the pellets and for which livestock.

Beyond manufacturing the pellet yourself with our Pellet Manufactturing Press Machine, we also have the Pellet, Grain and Snail Bait Air Distributor to assist.

This machine is designed with various settings and is easy to calibrate so that all feed is used optimally and nothing goes to waste. The design is also seamless to use of most shapes of terrain, including ridges.  The machine spread the kernels evenly and has up to 95% accuracy in its spreading. The Pellet, Grain and Snail Bait Air Distributor is also made from predominantly steel, is low maintenance and is easy to clean.

Of the Pellet, Grain and Snail Bait Air Distributor, we have two models, namely the Air pro 500, with a weight of 300kgs, and with the dimensions of 1400 Height x 1200 Weight  x 2700 Litres. It is designed for use in orchards and can be customised to suit your needs.

We also have the Air pro 1000, weighing 400kgs and having the dimensions  of 1800 Height x 1540 Weight x 2700 Litres. This machine is specifically designed for orchards with a width of more than 5 metres, and too can be customised to suit your needs.

The Advantages of Manufacturing your Own Pellets

Manufacturing your own pellets has a number of advantages, not only for the nutrition of the livestock, but also for your productivity. These advantages include a reduction in feed costs, improved work efficiency, and the ability to increase your profits. It can also reduce animal pickiness about their feed and increase the intake of the feed, which will assist with digestion and absorption. It also help animals grow faster as their intake is higher, with potentially more nutritional value, depending on the recipe, and the pellets can be stored and transported easily.

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