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Climate change and how Ritlee is trying to assist!

Drought, floods, locusts… Ensuring availability of livestock feed is becoming more difficult for farmers due to Climate Change. We have the solution with our Input. Ritlee 225 Wood Chipper with Grinder along with Ritlee Pelletiser allows you to be able to create and store cattle and livestock feed during tough times!

Woodchipper with grinder

  • Back in mid 2013 Ritlee started to make their first wood chipper machine which can also grind the wood chips it produces to process these chips into a consistancy and form size ideal for cattle feed

  • Back in early 2016 during a real bad drought,  we sold our first batch of chippers with grinders to a group of farmers in the Senekal area where we chipped and ground Vaalbos
    • We demoed to a group of farmers on on Willie Moolman’s farm in Stella.
    • The event was extremely successful, Senwes Co operative was also present and testing and results conducted on Vaalbos proved successful.
    • From this demo 7 units were ordered and delivered within 4 to 6 weeks from order.
    •  Willie is a Dairy Farmer and still uses this practice today. This demonstration resulted in the first 6 units been sold into the area.Click here to see a analysis of Vaalbos and other bush analised by reputable institutions>
Ritlee 225 early chipper chipping and grinding Vaalbos

Ritlee 225 early chipper chipping and grinding Vaalbos

Pelletising machines

All that has been chipped and ground and allowed to lie for some 24 hours is then fed into the feeding hopper.

Promo of Ritlee pelletising machine

Promo of Ritlee pelletising machine