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500 Tons of compost production per month!

Ritlee TM3 compost turner unique features with their massive benefits!

With compost production one can save money  when compared to fertilizer costs to cover same areas

Ritlee torsion bar explanation

Ritlee torsion bar and height adjustable roter explenation

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Composting Chicken litre in Harding area!

Composting Chicken litter in Harding area! turning at 300 meter per hour

Kraal manure being composted in Heidelburg area for pasture spreading!

Kraal manure being composted in Heidelburg area for pasture spreading for feeding Karen Beef cattle ( We have 4 in this area now!)!

Turning Maize, goat, camel waste for composting massive irrigation plantations

Turning compost in Saudi Arabia

Turning compost in Saudi Arabia

Citrus waste organised in rows before starting to turn

Citrus waste organised in rows before starting to turn

Kraal manure ideal for composting

Kraal manure ideal for composting. We also have a number of turners used to assist with the drying out of sludge!

Interesting Reading:

Customer reported that they produce and move around 950m3 minimal per month. (Average 2 M3 per ton) Pure compost–

Their market typically is cane/mac and pasture dressing, so yes 90 to 95% to farmers. The other 5% we bag and sell in “home gardener” size, and lawn dressing size bags (40kg)

This farmer uses our own product extensively for our open grazing paddocks with outstanding results –compared to countless chemically processed urea pellet applications and that is not sales pitch.

This fluffing and turning action of the rotor with its spatulas in the compost row:

  1. Releases and expels Co2 in your compost row.
  2. Allows surrounding air to mix in at the same time, this reducing temperatures and increasing Oxygen content again.
  3. Breaks up and fluffs all or more of the anaerobic clusters in the compost row.
  4. Mixes evenly water which may be applied while turning in a neat and clean way without messy runoff.
  5. Stone contaminants which may be present end up on either side of the row while turning allowing laborers to pick these up and take them out of the way.


  1. Fertilizer can seriously interfere with population growth of microbial content in your soil which is imperative for the health of your soil.
  2. Compost rebuilds soil structure:
  3. Higher yields – compost improves soil structure and fertility. It restores carbon and organic matter & improves erosion control. Compost also reduces disease and insect pressures. Overall, a crop’s yield potential increases.
  4. Fertilizer substitution – compost contains crop-available nutrients.
  5. Contains slow release of major crop nutrients including phosphate, potash, magnesium and sulphur.
  6. A useful input of sulphur to improve cereal and grain quality characteristics.

Compost is food for soil while fertilizer is food for plants.

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