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Ritlee is a long-standing and trusted supplier of a complete range of specialised and quality-driven equipment that meets the needs and challenges of various applications within and relating to the agricultural sector. Manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure value and dependability, these solutions enhance all applications wherever they are deployed.

Our offers on beach cleaners

Beach cleaners are machines used to remove unwanted materials from beaches while making them more comfortable and visually appealing to beachgoers. Beach cleaners of various types can be used to effectively remove litter, sharp shells, glass, rock, and excessive seaweed from beaches.

We stock a range of beach cleaners from PFG, the leading beach cleaner manufacturer in Italy. These beach cleaners come in various formats, and the most common are tractor-towed, ride-on self-propelled and powered, and walk-behind models.

Our beach cleaners can collect most classes of waste and contaminants.