History of Ritlee 125 and 225 wood chipper manufacture

125 and 225 wood chipper, their name interpretation and production benefits.

When Ritlee launched their wood chipper back in 2004,  they started with one blade mounted into the chipper drum chip pocket.

This worked well till our customer needed to sharpen their blade– This obviously caused balance problems!

Then in 2007 we mounted a 2nd blade into the chipper drum at a opposite position– This resulted in no more balance problems as well as production more than doubled up with producing the same sized chip!


Wood chipper with blade mounting and locking plate!

Note chip pocket, blade mounted above chip pocket, blade locking plate and the 4x HT Bolts

Drum Blade Locking plate 4x bolts

Drum, Blade, Locking plate, 4x bolts

Blade bolts with lock plate Unique to Ritlee

Blade bolt locking plate with 4x HT Bolts really works well (Unique to Ritlee)

Blade bolt locking plate with 4x HT Bolts (Unique to Ritlee)

For that extra safety 

Ritlee How drum chipper works

How drum chipper works


  • 125 = Single blade fitted into 500 mm diameter x 300mm drum which is 385kg in weight, this done since 2004 when we sold our first wood chipper into the SA market
  • 225 = Double blade fitted into 500 mm diameter x 300mm drum which is 400kg in weight, this done since mid 2007 when we sold our first 2 bladed drum style wood chipper

Reasons for 225 chipper drum!

125 Drum worked perfect when new and blade not sharpened yet– When sharpened this caused balance problems as obviously weigh of blade has dropped some

225 Drum was designed and developed in mid 2007 with some real great advantages.– Production of chipper doubled up, balance was constantly perfect because both blades were sharpened the same time, chip size was still the same as 125 bladed model.


2004 –March Ritlee sold their first 125 wood chipper to a client in Ghana.–

2004 –first 125 trailer mounted unit sold to Kuils Revier client

2007 — First really cheaply and badly manufactured wood chipper copy appeared in the SA market– Model branded 125, was fitted with 1x blade, was in Ritlee Yellow but at a lower price to Ritlee.

2007 — First 2 bladed Ritlee wood chipper was launched with first unit sold to Leaperd’s creek Mapumalanga.

2009 — Appearance of another opposition copy cat chipper manufacturer with a gravity feed and 150mm capacity

2013 — The 2007 copy wood chipper was now fitted with 2 blades!

2013 — May, we developed a chipper with grinder as a special for Eagle Canyon to chip and grind their big palm and reed problem.– Did not think of grinding chips for animal feed as yet!

2015 — Ritlee manufactured their first Hydraulic feed wood chipper using 225 wood chipper drum and now with a capacity from brush to wood with a diameter of 250mm

2015– Ritlee started working on our in line chip grinder for the grinding of chips into a consistency ideal for feed

2015 — Ritlee first started to become aware of the massive drought problems occurring in different regions year after year

2016 — April Ritlee demonstrated our first gravity feed wood chipper with grinder to a group of farmers in the Senekal area on Vaalbos– This was so succesful we received orders for 6 units from different farmers in the area. This idea was really rewording, not turnover wise, but benefit wise what our chipper with grinder could do, the benefits feeding cattle, sheep, game all through the year and especially during dry periods.  Amount of calls Ritlee got from farmers stating how this machine actually helped the farmer to stay a farmer during these hard times was the added pleasure Ritlee could experience and feed great for!

2019–Updated our normal chipper with a updated grinding chamber to our Mk2 grinding chamber where areas were increases — access to grinding chamber now very easy, changing screensizes now ery simple to do etc

225 Grinder head explained

225 Grinder head explained

Screen on 225 wood chipper with grinder

Screen on 225 wood chipper with grinder showing easy change!


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