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Compost windrow and lane turners - 3 to 6,5 meter wide sizes - Imported by Ritlee

Ritlee manufacture and supply a wide range of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery specifically suited to the Southern African climate and agricultural needs. All our products undergo rigorous testing and research to ensure they meet the requirements needed.
Compost Turner Model A38 3,8 meter rows

Backhus Compost Turners – 3 to 6.5m wide row sizes. 5 Units working in RSA.

Available in 6 models

  • Backhus A30 – 3m wide heap
  • Backhus A38 Windrow – up to 3.8m wide
  • Backhus A50 Windrow  – 5m wide
  • Backhus A55 Windrow –  5.5m wide
  • Backhus A60 Windrow –  6m wide
  • Backhus A65 Windrow – 6,5m wide

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Product Description

Self-Propelled Windrow Compost Turner BACKHUS -all models on tracks

Backhus Compost Turners (Imported by Ritlee)

Ritlee imported range of Backhus Compost Turners. These are self-propelled, robust and easy to use with their innovative, intuitive design. Furthermore, the Backhus Range are fitted with economic diesel engines that meet the current emissions standards. Whether composting manure or green waste, the Backhus range offers maximum output in a wide variety of applications.

Backhus A30 Compost Turner

Backhus A30

Compost Turner A30

Backhus A30 compost turner by Ritlee

Backhus A30 compost turner by Ritlee


The Backhus A30 is a robust, compact and maneuverable turner that is easy to operate. It also requires little maintenance and provides superior performance.

Moreover, the A30 is fully self-propelled making it easy to transport and assuring maximum flexibility.

  • Ideally suited for use in gardening, landscaping and fruit growing. Also suitable for market gardening sectors and the maintenance of municipal parks.
  • Width (Heap): 3m
  • Height (Heap): 1.3m
  • Turning Capacity: 700 Cubic Meters / Hour
  • Engine: Yanmar 4TNV88 40kw @ 2.400 Or Yanmar 4TNV88 35.4kw @ 3.000
  • Weight: 1,900kg

Specification sheet download!

A30 Tech Sheet

Backhus A38 Compost Turner

Backhus Model A38 3,8 meter rows

Model A38 Compost Turner 3,8 meter rows

The Backhus A38 Triangular Windrow Turner is the latest newcomer to the Backhus family and is a further development on the A36. Backhus A38 also offers simple handling, optimum ergonomics and low ground pressure for gentle turning.

  • Width (Windrow): up to 3.8m
  • Height (Windrow): up to 1.9m
  • Turning Capacity: up to 1,500 m³/hr

Specification sheet download!

A38 Spec Sheet

Backhus A50, A55, A60 and A65 compost turners

Compost Turner A550 to A65

A50 to A65 Compost Turners

Backhus A55 compost turner by Ritlee

Backhus A55 compost turner by Ritlee

Tomorrow’s Windrow Turner here Today!

Prepared for all the challenges of the future, the Backhus A-Series combines highest efficiency with a maximum of options. In other words, it offers high performance, low fuel consumption and is customizable for any task.

  • A50 Windrow 5 meter wide with 254kw Cummins
  • A55 Windrow 5,5 meter wide with 254Kw Cummins
  • A60 Windrow 6 meter wide with 354Kw Cummins
  • A65 Windrow 6,5 meter wise with 354Kw Cummins

Specification sheet download!

A50 and A55 spec sheet

A60 and A65 spec sheet


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Backhus promo

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