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Composting FAQ

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What is Aerobic Compost?

Aerobic compost is decomposition of organic matter using microorganisms that require oxygen. The microbes responsible for composting are naturally occurring and live in the moisture surrounding organic matter.

Compost reactions when composting

As aerobic compost digestion takes place the by-products are heat, water and carbon dioxide (CO2) – all of which are released and neutralized with the compost turner’s action, which also inoculates compost with fresh air (Oxygen) while turning. If this is not done then you get Anaerobic conditions.

What is Anaerobic composting?

Anaerobic composting is the method of composting without introducing oxygen, which means the breakdown of the organic materials takes much longer and produces little heat. This lack of heat often results in the survival of many pathogens, weeds, and seeds, and causes a significant amount of methane to be released into the atmosphere.

Does composting manure matter?

Due to the imbalance state of raw manure, Tests have shown losses of up to 65%N, 75%P and 50%K

The nitrogen in manure is not all available to growing plants as it is tied up in organic forms. Organic nitrogen becomes available to plants when soil microorganisms decompose organic compounds, such as proteins, and then convert the released N to NH4. This process is known as mineralization.

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