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Row Chipping Wood chipper Gravity feed with 90 deg turn for Chipping citrus, Nut (Orchard) prunings

Mac and Citrus farmers asked for chipper to use when pruning and thinning out which will chip the pruning then deposit directly under the trees to be used as a mulch!–Row Chipping of prunings!

This Row chipping Chipper is being driven by a Massy Furgeson Vaaljaapie -- More Power would be ideal!

Row chipping in Mac plantation– here Massy 135 used

Ritlee Model 225 wood chipper with 90 degree turn for row chipping prunings and discharging them the same time under the trees!

This chipper is fitted with a 60Kw 1:1 gearbox to allow for the turn, then also unit has counter weight to balance unit when mounted on 3 point of tractor.

Will chip branches up to 190mm in diameter

Ideal for travelling down the rows when pruning and throwing prunings directly into infeed for chipping and discharge under trees!

We have a good number in the field– Mostly Citrus and Mac Nuts– let us know if you want customer contact names and number!

  • Drum: 400Kg Dynamically precision balanced 12mm side wall and 10mm drum wall on 50mm carrier shaft
  • Blades:  2x High quality 12mm thick 2 sharp sided hardened from 47 to 58 HRC in oil and salt bath @ 1040 deg centegrade. Can be sharpened up to 5 times weighs 2.8 kg with dimensions 26.6 cm (L) x 12.7 cm(W) x 1.27 cm (Thick)
  • Chipping Capacity:  190mm diameter wood with ease down to brush

In this illustration, Farmer is using a Massy Furgeson Vaaljaapie, which works ok but more power would be a advantage!

Wood Chipper – Tractor Mounted – 225 Gravity Feed with 190mm Chipping Capacity


125 and 225 wood chipper drums made by Ritlee